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Programs 2010s



March 16 - Recognition and Remembrance of Garden Club Members with 25 or More Years of Membership

April 20 - Composting for Your Backyard Garden with Matt Proft of Someday Farm, Dorset, VT

May 18 - Field Trip to Hildene, Manchester, Vermont, (The Peony Project, bring a bag lunch)

June 15 - Overview of the Cultivation of Daylilies, (with Chris Darrow, Olallie Daylily Gardens)

August 7 - Seeds for Kids (and garden club info booth at Normans Attic)

August 17 - Projects and Programs of the Bennington County Conservation District, (at the Lions Pavilion at Arlington Recreation Park)

September 21 - The Magnificent Moose, Open Meeting, (the community is invited for dessert and the program, by Rick LaDue, VINS)

October 20 - Dried Flower Arrangements

November 16 - Holiday Workshop, (boxwood trees, kissing balls, luminaries for the Christmas tree lighting)

December 11 - Christmas Tree Lighting and Carol Sing, resumes


March 15 - Recognition and Remembrance of Garden Club Members

Achieving 25 or More Years of Membership; Photographing Your Garden throughout the Seasons

April 19 - Hydrangeas: Varieties, Planting, and Care, (presented by Chip Preuss, Equinox Valley Nursery)

May 17 - Herbs Now and Then: History, Use, and Growing Herbs

June 5-11 - National Garden Week, (work on community gardens)

June 21 - Flower Arranging

June 23 - Field Trip to Frost Hill Peony Farm

July 19 - Miniature Flower Show and 70th Anniversary Tea Party

August 16 - Native Alternatives to Vermont Invasives, (presented by Chris Stone, Bennington County Forester)

September 20 - Making Fall Wreaths from Recycled Christmas Wreaths

October 18 - Sustainable Landscaping, Outdoor Rooms, (Allen Benoit, Sustainable Design of Vermont; community invited for dessert)

December 10 - (Bazaar, Tree Lighting, and Carol Sing continues…)


March 20 - Recognition and Remembrance - 25 Year Members; Webpage

Review with Sue Freebern, Green Minute with Nancy Hadley

April 17 - Growing Vegetables in Container Gardens, (with Roger Preuss, Equinox Valley Nursery)

May 15 - Lyme Disease, (Dr. Marie George, Infectious Diseases, SVMC)

June 19 - The Art of Growing Food, (with author Ellen Ogden)

July 17 - What Is Your Favorite Garden Tool? (Show and Tell)

August 21 - The Plight of the Bee, (Ross Conrad of Dancing Bee Gardens)

September 18 - Gardening Under Glass, (with Ellen White, Garden Shop at the Mill, West Columbia, South Carolina)

October 16 - Planting and Caring for a Hydrangea, (presented by Tina Cohen, Mettowee Valley Nursery)

October 28 - Pumpkin Festival

November 20 - Pressing Flowers and Creating Art from Garden and Woodland, (Ellie Roden of Green Mountain Pressed Flowers)


January 22 - Winter Social, Let’s Get Together Luncheon

April 16 - Dried Flowers for Beautiful Arrangements

May 21 - Hat Bands, a Mini Workshop

June 18 - Beautiful Shade Gardens, (Kerry Mendez of Perennially Yours)

July 16 - A Picnic Social, (planning a whimsical garden booth at Norman’s Attic)

October 15 - Let’s Carve a Pumpkin, (planning The Great Pumpkin Walk)

October 26 - The Great Pumpkin Walk, (no prizes, everyone gets treats, all area residents and children are invited, costumes are encouraged)

November 19 - Trees, (presented by Jeromy Gardner, Bartlett Tree Experts; and planning holiday tree lighting)


March 18 - Waking Up the Garden, (presented by Donna Anderson of Mettowee

Mill Nursery; and potluck luncheon)

April 15 - Imagine Visiting Great Gardens of the World, (a travel tour, presented by Sean Reardon of Collette Travel Services)

May 20 - Everything‘s Coming Up Roses and Tomatoes, (presented by Charlie Nardozzi, noted Vermont horticulturist; a joint meeting with the Bennington Garden Club)

June 4, rain date June 5 - George Aiken Wildflower Trail, Bennington Museum

August 19 - Rogerland, (private garden, summer picnic)

September 16 - Birds in the Garden, (presented by Randy Schmidt of The Bird Place; the community is invited for dessert)

October 21 - Orchids 101, (presented by Bob Odess and Mark Conley, The North Eastern New York Orchid Society)

November 18 - Field Trip to GardenWorks in Salem New York, (double duty centerpieces)


March 17 - It’s Not Easy Being Green, (Vermont act 148, how universal

recycling will affect us, presented by Matt Proft, TAM)

April 21 - The Incredible Iris, (Darren Godette, Mettowee Mill Nursery)

May 19 - Learn How to Make Bridal Bouquets and Centerpieces, (presented by Rae Schraver, Woodland Gardens, Buskirk, New York)

June 7 - Field Trip to The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

July 21 - Plotting and Planning, (last-minute preparation for garden tour)

August 18 - Beans and Pickles, Preserving Vegetables with Fermentation, (presented by Eleanor Tison, Green Mountain College)

September 15 - “Who’s in Charge Here?”, (a comedy in one act by Thomas Weakley; the community is invited for dessert)

October 20 - “Know Your Local-I-Tea”, Growing, Foraging, Using Herbs

November 17 - Forcing Bulbs


March 15 - Reabeth Rocks, (Reabeth Hitchcock, handpainted plant markers;

potluck luncheon)

April 19 - Let’s Get Physical, Manchester Health Services

May 17 - Shrubs: Fiddlehead Creek Farm and Native Shrub Nursery

June 7 - Field Trip to Berkshire Botanical Gardens in Stockbridge, MA

June 21 - Floral Arranging Workshop at the Shaftsbury Community House

August 17 - Picture Perfect, (photographer Matt Lerman, at Rogerland)

September 20 - One World Conservation Center, (all invited for dessert)

October 18 - Where the Growing Season Never Ends, (Endless Spring Organics and Hydroponics)

October 24 - Planning for Community Scarecrows, (Pumpkins on Parade resumes and continues...)


March 21- ”Butchart Gardens”, (a video tour, and potluck luncheon)

April 18 - Lifting and Dividing Plants

May 16 - Looking for Our Feathered Friends, Breakfast at Chauncey’s

June 6 - Field Trip to Hildene, (garden tour, bring a picnic lunch)

July 16 - Garden Party at Rogerland, (light refreshments served)

August 15 - Show and Tell, (your favorite plant, shrub, or garden story)

September 19 - Seed Pod Arrangements

October 17 - Fairy Gardens Workshop

November 21 - Cooking with Herbs


March 20 - Ready, Set, Go! - An Introduction to the Coming Year

April 17 - Waking Up the Garden, (Greg Stork, Homestead Landscaping)

May 15 - Luscious Container Gardening, at Mettowee Mill Nursery

May 28 - Memorial Day Parade

June 19 - Monarch Butterflies

June 17 - Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory/Gardens, South Deerfield, MA

August 21 - A Yankee Plant Swap

September 18 - (Scarecrow Workshop continues…)

October 16 - The Year of the Bird: Why Birds Matter

October 31 - Garden Witches

November 20 - Fashioning Poinsettias from Magnolia Leaves


March 19 - Let’s Get Organized, An Introduction to the Coming Year

April 24 - How Climate Change Affects the Animals of the North, (co-sponsors: Manchester Garden Club, Mountain Goat, Earth Matters)

May 21 - Bodacious Begonias, (Donna Anderson, Mettowee Mill Nursery)

May 27 - Memorial Day Parade

June 18 - Making a Winning Flower Design, (presented by Valerie Cleary, Vermont Judges Council)

July 16 - Natural Fairy Gardens

September 17 - How She Grew: Bringing in the Begonias

October 15 - Delectable Pumpkins

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