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The Fungus Among Us: Mushrooms for the Garden and Beyond

September 19, 2023

4-4:30 Public Meet and Greet-Refreshments provided

4:30-5:30 Program

Arlington Commons’ Watkins House

3938 Historic Route 7A, Arlington, VT 05250

Please join The Arlington Garden Club for an evening of education and fungi facts about mycelium in our gardens and beyond. We welcome Pat and Cassie of The Sole Connection Farm in Arlington, Vermont who specialize in growing edible mushrooms for the kitchen table as well as researching the use of mushrooms for creating a more sustainable, ecological future. They will discuss the role mushrooms play in soil health and how we can incorporate this into the ways we think and play in our own gardens. In addition to the presentation, they will have a table set up selling delicious fungus foods including farm fresh oyster and shitake mushrooms, dried broth bases and healing tinctures. (Please note: This talk is directed towards culinary and environmental subjects. We are not able to field any discussion regarding psilocybin producing mushrooms or any related topics. Thank you for your understanding!)

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