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Arlington Junior Gardeners

Deanna Lacoste, the principal of Fisher Elementary School sent the AGC a letter of thanks, on behalf of the school, appreciating, "...all of the wonderful work you have done with the Fisher Kindergarten class... The time spent creating garden boxes, helping students plant seedlings and talking about the plant growth cycle may seem simple, but these moments have a significant impact on the lives of students..."

The AGC's work with the Junior Gardeners of Fisher has been in part sponsored by the Gardener's Supply Company, who explained in a paper published concerning their donation: "What happens when a dozen kindergartners get out in a garden for the first time? Lots of learning and, in the case of Fisher Elementary School in Arlington, VT, a brand new pollinator garden was born..."

The Vermont Leaf described it as follows: "Two members of the Arlington Club together with two interested members of the community got together and discussed how to support pollinators and also get children interested in gardening. They met with the two kindergarten teachers at Fisher Elementary School and made a plan. Gardener's Supply in Burlington generously donated two raised beds and a local landscaper donated soil. The teachers had the children plant organic seeds - also donated by a local garden center - in cups. As soon as spring vacation was over, the beds were put together, filled with soil, and the children planted their marigolds, calendula and sunflower seedlings, as well as radish seeds directly into the soil. Each bed was divided into 18 square foot plots, giving each of the 28 students his/her own "garden"... The huge supply of radishes were donated to the school lunch program and the flowers thrived!" - excerpt from the Vermont Leaf, a newsletter from the Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont

Fisher Elementary Gardeners
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