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Activities While "Safe at Home"

Have kids at home? Looking for new ideas? Visit this website for more ideas! Here are the Top 10 recommended Kids Gardening activities by Sarah Pounders of KidsGardening: Kitchen Scrap Gardening: Help the planet and clean up your kitchen, this one is a great way to think about where your food comes from. LINK

Seed Viewer: There are many different ways to explore plants with simple dried beans from the soup grocery store aisle. LINK

Plant People: Create your own “chia pet” family. LINK

Grow Your Own Salad: We bet you won’t stop doing this activity as kids who grow edibles are more likely to eat them. Adults too! LINK

Pressed Flowers: Save beautiful spring blooms for future crafts. Pressed flowers provide a base for numerous projects and gifts. LINK

Leaf and Flower Prints: Engage those high energy kids with this fun craft that uses a mallet. LINK

Make More Plants from Houseplants: Houseplants make great gifts and what a great ‘giving’ activity or to ensure more rooms have the benefit of houseplants. LINK

Hydroponics: Ever wonder how hydroponics really work? All that’s needed is a cup with a cover, water, and seeds. LINK

Garden Scavenger Hunt: Turn garden exploration into a game! You can even have prizes for those competitive family members. LINK

Soil Art: No paint on hand, no problem. With a little glue and water, soil can inspire creative artwork. LINK Have more ideas? Add them in the comments!

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